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A fundamental experience of transformation

What is Gestalt?

Les mains éblouies (the dazzled hands) was the title of a collective exhibition organized in Paris in 1950 by Aime Maeght, art lover and famous gallerist. A poetic title that evokes to me, the Gestalt work, and I find in my practice this same artistic vibration.

Heart, hand, head: To connect the dimensions of our being and sublimate our existence. Composing with your emotions a symphony that sounds like you and reveals yourself to the world. Face your shadow and project your light. Model. Color. Refine. Transfigure.

In this potentially terrifying journey, the therapist is the mentor, the compass, the reassuring presence, the encouraging voice, the comforting arms.

The relationship you lack, to find serenity and become fully yourself, in connection with others.

To dare to be oneself and to honor such a choice. That's what Gestalt is for me.

More theoretically, the Gestalt, which means form or configuration, covers a humanist approach to psychology, where the quality of relationships is central. The human being is perceived in Gestalt as a single totality, more than the sum of it’s parts.

If your curiosity pushes you to know more about the history of the Gestalt, I recommend reading the Wikipedia page, which presents a successful synthesis.

Therapeutic work in Gestalt

My job as a therapist is to accompany my clients in the (re)discovery of their own inner resources, to allow themselves to use them practically by going beyond what limits them, and according to their own rhythm.

Gestalt allows us to take care of our sufferings and nourish our dreams to fulfil our unique existence. It is never too late to repair, solve, untie, advance, reconcile. And today is a good day to start!

In practice

In Gestalt, you do not lie on a couch. We sit face to face and we search together solutions to your difficulties.

My posture of Gestalt Practitioner is active and based on empathy, non-judgment, mutuality and deep respect. In Gestalt, we consider that you carry within yourself the keys that are necessary to move forward. As a therapist, I have the tools, the interpersonal skills and  the knowledge which, put at your service and in a cooperative process, will enable you to find the path towards your true self and to blossom in your life.

The precise terms of the therapy will be presented to you during our first encounter.

The IFAS’ approach: Integrative Gestalt

"Gestalt-Integrative Therapy is a coherent and unified therapeutic model, including a theory of development, a theory of psychotherapy, and clinical procedures, to support people in a process of profound transformation.

It is inspired by the traditional Gestalt-Therapy founded by Fritz Perls and is said to be integrative because the IFAS – Gestalt Humanist School – also incorporates some psychoanalytic theories, the state of the most recent researches in the field of neuroscience, meditation techniques, and new concepts developed by Arnaud Sébal ", director of the school and therapist for more than 20 years.

In therapy, all subjects can be addressed: love, money, family, career, sexuality, relationships, social issues, religious or spiritual issues. If it is important to you, whether it hurts you or questions you, then it makes sense to talk about it in therapy.


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