Clémence Le Prévost Petit

"Therapy is too beneficial to limit it to only those who are sick."

Erving and Miriam Polster,  Renown Gestaltists


Passionate about the human condition  since my childhood, it is natural that I met the Gestalt, as a customer first.

Gestalt therapy has been for me a fundamental experience of transformation. I have acquired the capacity to live in the joy of the present moment, whatever the difficulties encountered, in consciousness and in respect of myself and others. It was by taking this path that I discovered my talent as a therapist, which led me to professionalize myself, while pursuing my other dreams and nourishing the different facets of my being.

With several years of studies in Gestalt and group work in this context, I remain open to other therapeutic approaches and continue to train regularly to best support my clients in their path of self-discovery.


I am Gestalt-Practitioner graduated from IFAS (French Institut Arnaud Sebal).

I offer a therapeutic Gestalt support of quality. My practice is subject to the IFAS Code of Ethics and regular supervision.

I also hold a degree in sociology and anthropology from the University of Toulouse Le Mirail and a diploma in audiovisual production and movie direction in Spain.

In a complementary way, I recently trained to support women victims of violence and people with addictive disorders. My interest goes to the people in all their wealth and complexity, without a specific theme or type of suffering, but the person, in it’s authenticity.

Try the Adventure and Make an Appointment:

To this day, I receive my clients in Geneva. The first appointment is an opportunity to define and clarify your needs and to consider therapeutic support.

Make an appointment by calling  the +41 767 578 929 or fill out the request for information and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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